constructionInspection of construction sites to ensure that appropriate controls are in place is another key element of an effective health and safety program. Informal inspections should be done by all supervisors whenever they are out on site. Regular inspections can be an effective tool to supervise the quality of work done by subcontractors and the only way to prove compliance to regulatory bodies (OSHA, IHSA, etc.).

eInspector can help construction companies and builders to streamline their inspection processes, centralize the storage of all inspection results, access data anytime and anywhere and create work orders on-site and in real-time when carrying out inspections. A well-managed inspection program can help to identify problems and assess risks before accidents or injuries occur.


hospitalityE-Inspector has already made its presence felt in the hospitality sector. Our clients in this sector are well known brand names. eInspector can help hotels manage their complete inspection processes of key departments such as Housekeeping, Front Desk and Guest Services.  By using mobile devices and our intuitive web interface, Hotels are able to pro-actively identify problem areas that affect customer satisfaction and thus directly affect revenue. A major Hotel was in fact able to increase their JD Powers rating by using eInspector and thus able to increase their RevPAR. eInspector can be used to evaluate Housekeeper performance and identify trends and for training purposes.


healthInspections and Audits at Health care facilities are a crucial to ensure thatthe health care environments are safe and clean and to prevent and control Healthcare Associated Infections. Inspections of Health care environments are an effective way to ensure that hospitals are meeting national standards and following industry best practices, that policies and procedures are in place and that staff are using them.  eInspector allows Health care facilities to identify and resolve environmental safety issues in hospital rooms. We are committed to quality improvement, and eInspectpr makes the task of carrying out inspections and audits easier in the following categories: infection control, environmental cleanliness, health and safety