Quality Assurance Through in-house Inspections and Audits

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eInspector is a Smartphone/Web-based solution for automating and streamlining inspection and audita ctivities resulting in significant and rapid increasesin operations efficiency, cost savings and productivity for organizations.

eInspector allows organizations to create inspection areas, checklists, audit lists, business entities, stakeholders, etc. on a web portal, and then allows inspectors to synchronize this data wirelessly with their Smartphone allowing them to carry out Inspections and audits. They can annotate their inspections and audits by taking pictures or by recording voice notes onthe Smartphone. This data can then be transferred to the backend wirelessly over the mobilenetwork or Wi-Fi. Once on the backend, these transactions can be viewed, analyzed, correlated and reported upon. Even work orders can be automatically generated.eInspector is perfectly suited for a wide range of applications and industries. Please contact us tofind out more about eInspector and its benefits.


  •  A new paradigm for doing inspections and audits
  • Create your own checklists and audit lists
  • Provides a paperless solution
  • Model your physical environment using our web portal
  • Authenticated access via smartphone(s)


  • Annotate transactions via pictures, comments and voice recordings
  • View transaction results as soon as data is synced from the smart phone
  • Create Work orders on the fly!
  • Web based dashboard provides an executive overview of operations
  • Automatic report generation and scheduling – receive scheduled reports in your inbox



  •  Improve operational efficiency
  • Instant access to KPIs
  • Increase accountability


  • Perform inspections/audits anytime and anywhere
  • Comply with regulatory standards
  • Demonstrate compliance with quality, health & safety, environmental and social responsibility imperatives