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Endeavor Technologies est une société internationale, dynamique et innovante, dans le domaine du logiciel et de la télécommunication, basée à Montréal (Québec, Canada), et ayant à son acquis plus de treize ans d’expérience dans le marché international. Notre produit phare est eInspector, un produit innovateur qui vous permet de prendre en charge la totalité du processus d’inspection et d’audit. De plus, nous nous spécialisons en produits VoIP (voix sur IP) pour les petites et moyennes entreprises. Nos solutions technologiques vous aideront à atteindre vos objectifs d’affaires de la manière la plus efficace en réduisant vos couts d’exploitations tout en améliorant le côté professionnel de l’approche. Nous vous invitons à visionner cette brève vidéo (en anglais) afin de vous familiariser avec le produit eInspector.

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  • endeavor clients

    Kimberly McGrillen
    Senior Housekeeping Manager

    We really enjoy using the app on the tablets. This helps us speed up the audits and we don’t have to worry about printing audits off in the morning.   The website has really helped to streamline our processes. Before using the eInspector, we had to go to different spreadsheets and folders to get all of the information that we needed to do audits and performance reviews. We can also get a picture of how the department is doing by seeing the trends from the audits and who we need to focus on based on their scores.   We are looking to expand this to the rest of the hotel because of the success we have seen in our department

  • endeavor clients

    Mattias Peemoeller
    Executive Housekeeping Manager

    I had the opportunity to help test and customize the einspector tool for use in the hospitality industry. The support team at Endeavor Technology was incredible. They listened carefully to our needs and implemented all our improvement suggestions. Einspector allowed us to save a lot of time by doing away with manual checklists and data entry/extraction. It was also very easy to incorporate our existing checklists. By automating the inspection process we were provided with valuable reporting information (including photographs) that we could use as a coaching tool with our colleagues. The hand held portion of the tool allowed us to score inspections, photograph deficiencies, type or record voice notes and even create work orders on the fly, all without having to switch applications. I believe einspector is an incredible tool that can help to improve accountability at all levels of an organization. In my experience, einspector not only proved to be successful improving guest satisfaction results, but also helped to improve our colleague engagement.

  • endeavor clients

    Martin Leclerc
    GM, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts

    As a hotelier, providing guests with a consistent service experience is paramount to success. Improvement results are often realized through focus, discipline and providing measureable data. eInspector allowed us to utilize technology to streamline our inspection process and provide greater transparency and accountability. By utilizing eInspector to its full potential, we were able to create excitement amongst our colleagues and raise our empowerment results. We often say that we improve what we measure, and this powerful tool allowed guest satisfaction results to be impacted very positively.